Dolphin Excursions Hawaii

When planning your activities for your much-awaited vacation, make sure to include Hawaii dolphin tours. Whether you’re traveling with your family, your spouse or with friends, seeing dolphins, whales and other sea creatures will surely make your trip more memorable.

Of the dozens of dolphin tour companies you can find here, one name stands out: Dolphin Excursions. It boasts of being able to give their clients the most exciting dolphin and whale watching tours in Oahu. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

The Dolphin Excursions Crew

The people behind Dolphin Excursions are the main reason why they’re so popular. Led by Captain Victor Lozano who himself has been guiding guests in Hawaii for close to 3 decades, the entire crew is very passionate about dolphins, whales and other marine life and they want to show their guests just how beautiful these creatures can be.

Dolphin Excursions has 4 captains who all have many years of experience maneuvering the remote West side Coastline of Oahu. They also have 4 photographers so if you want to preserve your memories of your dolphin tour, then you can avail of a photo package as well.

Activities Offered by Dolphin Excursions 

There are basically two activities you can choose from – (1) dolphin excursion and (2) whale watching.

If you go with the dolphin excursion, your trip will start at the Waianae Boat Harbor. The boat will sail along the west coast where you will find spinner dolphins. The crew will show you some guidelines that need to be followed when you passively observe the dolphins. You’ll also get the chance to snorkel with the Hawaiian sea turtles and if you’re lucky, you may see Spotted and Bottlenose dolphins. Dolphin excursion rates are: $120 for adults and $85 for kids.

If you’re traveling to Hawaii in the winter, you might be able to see some Humpback whales while you’re on your ocean excursion. These whales travel thousands of miles to mate and at the same time, nurse their babies in the warm waters. Whale watching rates are: $95 for adults and $70 for kids.

Dolphin Excursions also offer duck tours, diving, catamaran charters and polo trail rides.

Final Thoughts

The west coast of Oahu is where you can find the clearest waters. You can come here to snorkel and watch as marine life unfolds right before your eyes. But to make your visit more special, consider taking a dolphin tour. Swimming with these friendly and intelligent sea creatures is something that most people have not been fortunate enough to experience. So if you find yourself in Hawaii, contact Dolphin Excursions and book a tour with them. Spending a day trying any of these Hawaii dolphin tours will surely be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.
You can book a tour online by visiting their website at, or you can also give them a call at 808-239-5579 or their toll-free at 877-257-5579.