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Royal Hawaiian Catamaran Review

If you’re looking for Hawaii boat tours, you might have come across the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran. This boat tour company is very popular, as it was featured in a Hollywood film which starred Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller, titled Along Came Polly. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what they have to offer.

Sailing in Hawaii

Island hopping and sailing through the crystal clear waters of Hawaii are activities that are not to be missed when you’re here. If you have the budget for it, get a yacht charter for some first-class sightseeing by sea. You’ll see whales and dolphins, as you enjoy a sip of your cold drink in the complete privacy and comfort of your own boat. And if you want, you can also go snorkeling and watch sea turtles, corals and schools of fish swimming around you.

There are many Hawaii boat tours you can choose from but there are a handful of reasons why the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran is a favorite among tourists.